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We are a growing community of over 6,000+ members that share a passion for community impact, real estate development and business cultivation using Opportunity Zones. We welcome you to join our community and our collective voice for impact.

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Clubhouse is free to listen to each night...but we want to take our connection with our club members to a new level! We encourage you to take a moment and sign up and create a member profile. It's FREE and only takes a few minutes. As a registered member you will receive the following:

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Exclusive Member Only Resources

We connect our members with people and resources that quickly and efficiently support immediate OZ strategies and needs.

Free eBooks

Member only affiliate commission program

Special OZ Whitepapers on niche topical subjects.

Exclusive Education Videos for members only.

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Exclusive Invites To Opportunity Zone Events

We are talking next level events for networking and connecting with some of the top level names in the industry.

Invites to Eazy Do It private events and mixers.

Invites to AFPI Center for Opportunity private events, site visits and mixers.

Invites to Liberty University School of Business Opportunity Zone conferences and events.

Invites to Virtual & In person events with C-Suite Network

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Our awesome features
Our awesome features

Club member discount on COZA™ course.

Learn to become an expert in the Opportunity Zone program. The COZA™ is the only training program created by people who worked for the government and created the opportunity zone program.

Registered OZ Club members will be given a special discount code for club member pricing on the COZA™ program.

We temporarily waived the yearly membership fee of $500 for OZ Club members on the COZA™ program, and provide you a special discount code as well.

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Cracking the Safe to Opportunity Zone Investors.

For serious Opportunity Zone players, we have special VIP invite only events and mixers held virtually and in person.

A dedicated OZ Club for capital gain investors.

Specialized spotlight and oz fund pitch events showcasing Opportunity Zones.

A member only dedicated OZ Support System to plan your Opportunity Zone impact narrative and strategy.

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Our awesome features
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